Month: December 2021

  • EnChroma Unboxing Parody

    I had to do it… I saw this sketch on SNL and it reminded so well of the ‘Seeing Color for the First Time’ videos where people try EnChroma glasses and lose their minds. Of course, its only the most interesting videos that get shared on facebook or r/mademesmile, and when someone doesn’t have such…

  • The Next Video: Meat

    Just finished the script for the next video, and it is not one for the vegans. Regain your confidence in the kitchen, because your colorblindness is no match for 500-year-old technology. Video will follow by the end of the year.

  • When Pseudoscience “Cures” Colorblindness

    When Pseudoscience “Cures” Colorblindness

    Transcript Lads, I’ve done it, I’ve cured my colorblindness, it is gone. I’m mad excited that I can see all the colours, and all I had to do was spend 3 months rinsing my eyes with this simple house-hold clean… Stop… who do you think you are, Joe Rogan? Guys, do not pour anything in…