Month: May 2022

  • Indian Universities Open Up Slightly

    The most common complaint among the color blind, is how many careers we are prohibited from having. In the west, it is common for the military, police and aviation to restrict entry to the red-green colorblind, but in the developing world, the prognosis for the colorblind is much bleaker. When I say the developing world…

  • Nocturnal Bottleneck

    Nocturnal Bottleneck

    Shownotes 1. Rhodopsin The 4 opsins that vertebrates had at the time of the cambrian explosion was just one step short of what we consider the full modern complement of opsins, which includes the 4 classes of cone opsins, plus RH1, used in Rhodopsin. Towards the end of the Cambrian, about 500 million years ago,…

  • Dutch Bike Lanes

    I made my second youtube short earlier this month about a disappointing run-in with bike lanes in Holland. Second part of the series on the evolution of color vision will come out later this weekend.