Color Space

Color Space is a property of:

  • Visual System – for example, in humans, the color space of a Dichromat is smaller than the color space of a Trichromat.
  • Display – Color screens such as computers/phones have a trichromatic color space, usually defined by red, blue and green primaries (RGB Color Model).
  • Printer – Color printers are usually defined by a CMY or CMYK Color Model, and will exhibit a Color Space based on the Colorfulness of their ink.
  • Image – An image rarely uses the entire colorspace that is available to the Visual System, Display or Printer, so a given image can have a Color Gamut (sometimes called Color Space) that is a subset of one of the previous three Color Spaces.

A Color Space is a subset of a Color Model. For example, the RGB Color Model can be represented with several RGB Color Spaces, such as sRGB or Adobe RGB.

See also Gamut.